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and the winner is Egg Flip, Big M announces winner

September 22, 2010

Update: get your egg flip now available at sella fella’s everywhere for a limited time only

and the winner is  “Egg Flip”

I enthusiastically wrote of Big M a few weeks ago and how Big M is a popular brand of flavored milk that was first established in Victoria in 1978. Its has since quickly expanded its distribution  into the states of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. Original story here.

I first remember when Big M first arrived on the scene, suddenly we did not have to reach for the Quik (NESQUIK®) anymore to have  have flavored milk , it was a brilliant marketing strategy that aimed to increase milk sales and since the humble beginnings we have have seen BIG M become a staple in Australian dairy cabinets and fridges everywhere for the past 32 years, It brings back glorious memories of summers past.

So it was with delight that I realized that they had a competition to bring back one of the flavors past, special edition flavors that ran for only a limited time. the choice included the following

The Choice was between

  • Choc Berry
  • Choc Jaffa
  • Pine Lime
  • Egg Flip
  • Honeycomb
  • Blue Heaven

well now its official Egg Flip has been crowned the winner and will shortly be joining the following range in dairy cabinets and fridges everywhere. What do you think will you be rushing out to purchase Egg Flip Big M? I know I will be.


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