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an adam wins Masterchef I’m no octopus, but I predicted it

July 25, 2010

UPDATE: and as Gary prepares to give his final score and  flips over his score to reveal another nine. And that’s it. “Adam, you scored 89 points out of 100, You are Australia’s MasterChef 2010.”

So last night saw the 2010 finale of Masterchef and what a finale it was with Adam being crowned the best amateur cook of this season. However Callum did not go home empty handed. George offered him a culinary scholarship in his restaurants. “You are a brilliant boy mate. Trust me, you are going to be a superstar.”

So when it comes to the octopus it might as well be in the stew, we were right and I suspect most of Australia was as well and yes Julia Gillard was the worms favorite but the media say “its too close to call” don’t they always?


So tonight the season finale for MasterChef will finally air to what if the rating of the past three month’s are any indication and I would say of course they are, will be an audience of Australians in the multi millions range of viewers. The first season of Masterchef’s finale set all sorts of television records and it is assumed that tonight’s telecast will also. We have already seen the power of this juggernaut as it displaced the great debate between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott and now they will do battle in the traditional family slot at 6.30am tonight, so no one will miss the only battle that we really care about and that is when 20-year-old Callum Hann and 31-year-old Adam Liaw step in to the Masterchef kitchen one more time to battle out for the title of Australia’s next Masterchef.

It is lucky that the people behind the great debate decided that they could not compete, over all I think the debate should have been moved to next week, because in reality it won’t be water cooler discussion tomorrow, Ok maybe for Laurie Oaks but I would not be surprised if Laurie did not also tune in like the rest off Australia will. I have not missed an episode of this great Australian cooking competition in the 3 months it has aired and will miss it after tonight’s episode. But I have every confidence it will be back next year bigger and better than before with a whole new cast of amateur chefs cooking their hearts and soul out in the  hope of impressing  Gary, George and Matt.

Two weeks ago I brought you the prediction of an octopus and the result of a football match, well this time I have no octopus but I am going to predict that Adam will win tonight; I would really have liked to have predicted Callum, and although he is my favourite I think Adam will just pip him at the post. What ever happens with the result both are worthy finalists and the best man on the night will ultimately win. It is interesting to note that this year two men fight it out for the title where as last year it was two women with Julie Goodwin the eventual winner. I see big things for both finalists in the future and tonight will determine the path they each take.

Masterchef airs 7.30 pm eastern standard time on the channel ten network

Who do think will win? Leave a comment set it your prediction down in stone before the result is known, impress your friends with your physic abilities.

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  1. July 25, 2010 1:47 pm

    I too think Adam will win. I’m really surprised Callum has made it this far. He just seems to lack confidence and falls apart under pressure yet for some reason every time so far he’s managed to pull through. I don’t understand it, so it’s entirely possible Callum will win – but my money is on Adam.

    • July 25, 2010 1:58 pm

      It should be a great finale my wife also thinks Adam will win but thinks has Callum been impressivre he is quick learn and certainly wants it, what ever happens its not the last time we will hear of these young chefs thanks for reading and commenting I really appreciate it.


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