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not now, but before, how we saw it @now July 11 to 17

July 18, 2010

Last Sunday the world was anxiously waiting for the final between Spain and the Netherlands in the FIFA Football world cup and how Paul the octopus correctly predicted Spain’s win over the Netherlands I covered the details here.

psychic’ octopus Paul picks Spain to win World Cup (and he was right)


Monday I explored my technology draw and the possible demise of HDMI with the introduction of a not so new cable; this not so new cable that type that can transfer audio and video signals over the ordinary the RJ-45 ethernet cable (cat5). It has come about as the result of an effort between LG, Samsung, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Valens Semiconductor that started a mere six months ago. And so this new bite on the old cherry may result in the demise of HDMI is covered in this article.

a new bite on the old cherry, will cat5 relegate HDMI to the technological dustbin


I also explored writers block and my inability to write fiction and so I tackled another piece of fiction; I wanted I to attempt to write a piece of fiction, a story if you will, a flight of sheer fancy but instead I explored another’s piece of fiction, one that they profess to be true, a claim that I believe is nothing more than lies and this fiction that I refer is none other than the claims of lost sales that the world’s music royalty’s collection agencies have bandied around as proof that their industry needs further protection against the ravages of piracy in.

piracy and the lost billions a modern day fairy tale


Mondays was a big day that also  saw the joyous news that Egg Flip was coming back; I enthusiastically wrote about Big M and how it a popular brand of flavored milk that being first established in Victoria in 1978 and since quickly expanded its distribution into New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. My full article is here.

and the winner is “Egg Flip”, Big M announces winner


By Tuesday I again started to question copyright and as I regularly do post about on this muse when I covered; How we have seen two high profile cases of copyright infringement levelled against ordinary members of the public fought out in the US courts resulting in huge damages being awarded for the plaintiffs. The two separate judges in the Joel Tenenbaum and the Jammie Thomas-Rasset cases won by the RIAA have had their jury awarded settlements reduced by the respective judges further details here

are the courts starting to question some copyright claims


Tuesday also saw me reporting on an early piece that I had covered; in a follow-up I did to a previous story painting Facebook the bad guys easy as 123 illustrating  how easy it is to throw mud at Facebook, and detailing the concerns that one woman had over their acceptable user policy and the posting of images that they deem inappropriate. The social networking site admitted this morning that it made a “mistake” in removing Victoria Buckley’s photos I covered the facts here.

facebook relents its OK, dolls can come back


Wednesday saw me poke a little bit of fun at Apple and the permanency of the internet; I had deleted it from my muse an article and that should be the end of the story. But only original post had disappeared from this muse the article still existed in search histories on Google there were cached copies. Apple appears to have shifted into full crisis mode over a problem with the iPhone 4 antenna that reduces reception and drops calls when the device is held in certain ways. The company deleted threads from its official message boards and found out that on the internet delete does not work I covered some of it here.

if an apple falls in the forest will the cache catch it


Also on Wednesday after that dig at my least favourite technology company I was back to questioning copyright and the media; with a commentary piece on a ASCAP example of  how news organizations could liberate content, skip negotiations, and still get paid. That article suggests that the struggling newspaper sector take a leaf out of the music industries play book and introduce an adoption of the long-established ASCAP-BMI performance rights model by which they could collect payment for some of their content when it is distributed outside the boundaries of their own publications and websites. I did some fiction and the author commented read it all here.

where are the magazines, applying the wrong ointment


By Thursday I took another look at another article on persevering out dated models and I did not take any prisoners; I commented on very similar concept and how another’s idea sounded a little like mine of licensing piracy however I think economist Will Page in his paper “Moving Digital Britain Forward without Leaving Creative Britain Behind” diverged a bit the article starts out painting the current picture of the music industry and the perils it has faced and is still facing. I first took issue with disingenuous comments like litigation was their only option you can read on here.

replacing the stick with a carrot levy (another music industry proposal)


By Friday I was feeling nostalgic and detailed my love of the once humble TV; I remember the early days of the old black and white TV holding pride of place in the corner of the lounge room, a majestic piece of technology beaming out the latest adventures of the “Brady Bunch” or Maxwell Smart and agent 99 from “Get Smart”, this was a magical experience that I never wanted to end. Once the radio had like the player piano did before it, engaged families around the globe, but we now we had the TV and the radio was to be banished to the car the TV was the new king of the family lounge room and it was staying put. All the details of the sordid affair are right here.

the admission of love, history of a TV romance


At finally Saturday I caped with week off with an inspirational video and rant on about copyright yet again; Respect that is what is lacking from copyright, fair use is just paid lip service to the self-serving greedy collection agencies, good one APRA I do not know what copyright you hold on the song by Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, however their acts in getting this clip removed is reprehensible and frankly disgusts me. I love the irony that this guy survived Auschwitz yet a video that celebrates this fact can’t survive the greed of the music industry. You can watch the video and get the rants here.

respect an earned commodity, copyright abused again


So that was the week that was what do you think? I hope you enjoyed this weekly wrap of what happened @Now before now. Any comments or suggestions welcome



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