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I disprove of the inappropriate use of balloons in advertising

July 7, 2010

We have a saying in our house when we see an advertisement that is more than a little bit strange and I am trying to be polite “they must have been hitting the vodka hard that day” it really is the only explanation that explains how they  can come up the ideas for these ads and they are really that weird. I know it’s just a tongue and cheek jab at the artistic antics that advertisers will go too these days. Don’t get me wrong  I actually love many of these ads and maybe that could well inspire me for a other series of posts.

No today I want to revisit the category of annoying ads, I really don’t watch free to air that much but I do love MasterChef and so I find myself glued to the TV at 7.30pm 6 nights a week for my nightly dose of culinary delights with drama, a bit of action and lots of George, Gary and Matt Preston. But the down side to all of this is that I am also exposed to a lot of advertising, every major decision on Masterchef is of course preceded by an ad break, like in football telecasts they don’t kick goals, no your favourite football stars kick ads and the more the better.

One ad that I particularly dislike because it is so silly is the ‘You Are My Sunbeam’ this ad as reported in mumBRELLA in April is a $5m major advertising campaign to coincide with its sponsorship of the new series of Masterchef.

The centre of the campaign is a 60 second ad developed by independent creative agency Brave and produced by Exit Films.It features a new version of the traditional song  “You are my Sunshine”. There is also a 30 second version of the ad. Sunbeam CEO David Jackson said:  “We have upped the ante with this brilliant new campaign, which highlights just how integral Sunbeam and our products are to people’s lives. We are confident that this new creative, and our association with MasterChef, will invigorate consumer demand for small appliances and drive customers into the stores of our retail partners.”

I just think this ad is too weird and I can’t see the connect between balloons and electrical appliances, except maybe the black carbon balloons from the Your Carbon Contribution campaign but I don’t think this is where they are going, well not with the song “you are my sunshine”.

I am out weighed if public sentiment to the ad is to gauged by the responses on the  mumBRELLA site with many echoing agreement of this comment

  • think they made the ads based on the song…it’s like how children attached with balloons.. so do we with those’s like saying we can’t live without those the last sentence on the lyric says: “please don’t take my sunbeam away..”

I however have to concur with this comment

  • I don’t wish to be negative, but I fail to see any connection between ‘designed to help’, appliances that are like balloons and ‘You are my Sunbeam’. I think while it’s (kind of) shot ok, it’s lacking a little creative thinking. Was this researched?

Anyway I disprove of the inappropriate use of balloons in advertising and thus do not like the Sunbeam ads at all I however do agree with their depiction in  the Your Carbon Contribution ad that I think this ad uses balloons responsibly.

What do you think? Do you like the ad?  Please leave a comment, tell us what you think.


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