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random musings from the maestro

July 3, 2010

I often have random thoughts that do quite often blossom in to great articles or stories for this blog, most other random musing are just that and nothing ever comes of them, well that was until now, I have decided to start an ongoing post that I will post these random musing too. I will elevate to the top of the blog when ever this happens to highlight the just published jewel. So enough with the premise and explanation and so it with out further are do here is the first of many thoughts.

Latest muse

I am fortunate to have visited Sydney Australia on numerous occasions, you see, I have an older brother named David who lives there. It has been a yearly pilgrimage for me for nearly as long as David has lived there.

But there is another Sydney in Nova Scotia Canada, I was lucky enough to have visited in 2005, and was recently reminded of Sydney while doing research for an upcoming article that I intend to write.

People occasionally set forth to visit Sydney Australia only to have mistakenly booked passage to the Sydney all the way in far north Canada. Mind you its not a bad place to visit.

Hear is my favourite photo from Sydney

yesterdays muse

I saw this post on Twitter today where @djstangl mentioned that a family on “Wife Swap” a reality based TV show were using vegetable names in the place of actual swear words. I instantly replied with this witty message

“ I am having a real pumpkin of a day,  hope things don’t get all zucchini on me latter  ”

This got me thinking of the real life usage of this technique in countries that have censorship regimes that prohibit the discussion of many topics, to over come this people have replaced controversial topics in their online discussions with alternative benign words that won’t trigger the filter. It is a cat and mouse game, but it helps people avoid the limitations that censorship of free speech brings.

The thing I find interesting in all this if we know the word is a substitute for something else, and we all know the intended meaning, is not the sentiment the same as if we had sworn, then why are we not offended at this  and secondly if we are not offended why not we use the original word and get over this pumpkin of an issue.

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