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remember behind every blogger is a person like you

July 1, 2010

I took the time to revisit another article that I had written, this time on a totally different blog that I unsuccessfully started and abandoned some time late last year. Some of you reading this might even have visited it, but I doubt it, as I gave up on that blog long after the last visitors had left for good. I am not bitter; it was all part of the learning process to allow me to arrive here, part of the journey but not the destination. Similar to the part-time job you have while attending university; it’s a job not your career, but the skills learnt form a valuable foundation in latter life.

I was just going to cut and paste and borrow from my previous work, I knew the thoughts and sentiments were appropriate and similar to how I still feel. The thing is my writing has improved. Well I think it has, as I reread my old piece I am drawn to correct errors and bad expression that only months early I thought was perfectly fine.

So here it goes, there is a dark side of the internet, one that is a lot murkier and scarier than the average internet consumer knows, and no I am not referring to the seedier content that Senator Conroy wants to spare all Australian from. These days there is a myriad of ways to publish your self on the internet, you can start a blog like I did, participate on Twitter and Facebook or the many other social media platforms available, but what ever way you choose to express yourself you are putting your self out there.

It can be mentally exhausting writing an article, story, a blog piece, but totally devastating once you realise you have so few hits and certainly no one has left a comment. It can be frustrating lonely posting on Twitter and hoping that some one reads it and maybe even @ replies you, uploading something that you like to Facebook and realising nobody has noticed it ,or sharing your latest photo on Flickr and seeing that not counting your views you have none.

But sometimes there is a feeling a lot worse than not receiving any comments at all, it is that knot inside you that you get when reading comments that attack, ridicule or just plain spam you .

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining because those things that I have described in detail above have never happened to me thankfully, or if they have happened at all it because the content was not very good or I could easily deal with it, what ever has happened to me really does not matter to me, I have a thicker skin than some . We put ourselves out there so we must take the good with the bad, but I am sure it matters a lot more to some, and it for these people that I plead for.

So although my point is that we should not expect anything for our online posts and that we should be pleased with any recognition that we get, it is however important to remember that the people writing these blogs are people just like you and me and that a comment might not be much to you but it could make the world of difference to them.

The same applies to Twitter, Facebook and any other social media; it’s really not a lot to reciprocate some of the interaction that others initiate. If someone @ replies you they are acknowledging that they are reading your tweets or posts, it won’t kill you, but could just make someone else feel good about them selves if you reply back. It’s funny but not everyone that puts them selves out there has a thick skin, as I quite often see people say on Twitter I am #justsaying or putting it out there.

So what do you think? Do you want to read the original article? It can be found here, have your say and  leave me a comment.


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