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how to: watch hulu & bbc iplayer in Australia

June 28, 2010

I found this great article from APC on proxy and VPN services, catchy headline, draws you in. Well I am seriously considering giving this a go.

I don’t know if access to those services would be the draw card, at present I am quite happy with my access to quality content, utilizing it through various sources. I did contemplate the idea when the Australian government was looking at censoring the Australian sector of the internet, a threat that I hope has abated with the accession of Julia Gillard to the Prime Minister-ship. Time will of course tell, but in the mean time, I put this on the back burner.

HOW TO: watch Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more in Australia

UPDATE: It would appear that in the case of Hulu although the fast majority of material is indeed blocked there is one show that you can live stream , I have no idea what this show is about and why this can be streamed and nothing else can, call me a cynic if you will but I suspect this show is not that good, I have never heard of it and never seen it referenced any where else, But if you want head to the Hulu site here

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