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what if the act of throwing out the rubbish, leaves sourer taste

June 26, 2010

The tag cloud it getting a lot of attention as a way to graphically illustrate what we are talking about, feeling, seeing, I think this is especially good way to work out what I wanted to say with this blog post. I normally don’t write about politics for a variety of reasons such as I am not very good at it, others do a much better job of commenting on politics than I and I think that it can get a bit partisan. So I guess political writing is not my forte, but this needed to be written.

This post is about what I felt and thought on Thursday 24th June 2010 the day that Prime Minister Rudd was deposed by his deputy Julia Gillard in a day of political turbulence that Australia had not experienced since Governor General John Kerr terminated the tenure of the then reigning Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975.

I was not sure if I wanted to write this article at all, as so much commentary has already and no doubt will continue to flow under the proverbial bridge was it really necessary? Yes I concluded it was important for me to just write about this day, a day that will be remembered by many people for a long time to come, the day that will be accorded a very special page in Australian Political History, to write about how that day affected me. When I launched this blog I realised that this blog is about is me, it is not one particular topic but an amalgam of many things most are important and interesting to me but most importantly, these are stories and articles written by me, they portray the way I feel and convey the way I see the issues of the day and they illustrate the effects these have upon me.

I think I have more questions that anything else, but I also was saddened. I never truly liked Kevin Rudd, I respected him, and I admired him for his personal achievements but suffice to say I did not like him. I remember noticing him when he was the opposition minister for Foreign Affairs a formidable opponent to Alexander Downer the then minster for Foreign affairs in the last term of the John Howard Government. I thought he showed great leadership and I thought then he should be leading the ALP, when he ousted Kim Beazley prior to the 2007 election I knew he would be the next Prime Minister.

Was I saddened for Kim Beazley then as I am for Kevin Rudd now? No not at all he had led and failed in opposition too many times, he was the best they had until a new anointed one could be found, they were in opposition and these things happen. The same feeling applied to how I felt every time the Liberal Party decimated after the 2007 election defeat, turfed leader after leader until Tony Abbott who for the first time since the election loss had taken the challenge to Kevin Rudd and the government was truly rattled.

I knew that Julia Gillard was the best asset that ALP had going for them, just like I knew before that Kevin Rudd was but you don’t drop Prime Minister’s that something that the Prime Minister him self decides or that we the people who elected him decide at an election.

I know we don’t elect the Prime Minister and that the winning or governing party does, but we vote that party in knowing who the leader is. I thought and I know now that I was wrong, that was the way we played politics. This was something new something so dirty and underhand that I thought it was beyond politics. It was Kevin Rudd him self that had warned me that a vote for Howard was really a vote for Costello, I never envisioned that a vote for Kevin07 would literally be a vote for Julia10. I think its nifty how we can name our leaders like software updates, and really thats the way the party sees it these days.

I felt for Kevin Rudd simply because he had been betrayed so publicly, so humiliated that no man deserves, not a man whose soul aim was to serve his, mine and your country. Kevin Rudd may had failed as a leader and maybe he should have stepped down but the actions to remove him are so devoid of respect for our most important job that I doubt the integrity of people that orchestrated this.

Julia Gillard may prove to be a good leader of our country, she may prove to be a successful Prime Minister in her own right, I just think this is an ugly stain on her tapestry.


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