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What ever happened to Facebook ?

June 1, 2010

Yesterday was Quit Facebook Day and the internet was ablaze with many articles and blogs detailing the many evils of Facebook that I recommend that you read. Although this post is about me deciding not to quit Facebook; if you are a user of Facebook or any other Social Media service you need to be aware of the dangers inherent in these services, it is important to be aware of how much information you are sharing and the policies that these sites have regarding the privacy of your data. Ultimately regardless of the reckless of any site that you have shared your data with it is you the user that populates that site with said data, that is responsible.

The aim of this post is to detail my experience of Quit Facebook Day, the feed back I saw and how it impacted on me and lastly and probably most importantly why I did not quit Facebook.

I started my day by searching for news on the internet. I have a fascination for tech news so the first read of the day knowing of what internet significance it or may or not may have I clicked on Facebook users urged to quit amid privacy concerns . I thought this was a nice little piece from the Melbourne Age that laid out the complaints and the reasons for the angst against Facebook and what people were planning to do.

I at this stage was well aware of the privacy issues that plagued Facebook along with their countless updates each one more infuriating than the last. I knew this because each time it had changed previously I updated the privacy control’s, some times I discovered things and other times I gave up because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Overall I was never really that worried, I never really shared that much, I only friended people who I knew and I kept a pretty tight control of the reigns.

So after contemplating that article I then moved on to Twitter, I found quite a few comments about Facebook, I posted the Age’s article I had read , read a few tweets and even  had my own tweet retweeted with a question corinamackay

Anyone doing this? I’m undecided.. RT @rorybaust: Quit Facebook Day It’s official – today’s the day to quit Facebook

I then saw this pop up on my timeline delimiterau

Five reasons Australians should quit Facebook:

This article Five reasons Australians should quit Facebook was written by an outstanding Australian Technology Journalist Renai LeMay and described in details five valid reasons he had chosen to delete his own Facebook account and the endless troubles that he had. I was a friend of Renai’s on Facebook and it was sad to see his icon extinguished from my friends list but I understand his reasons and know that he is still a friend, just one who does not use Facebook. Strange how five years ago no one used Facebook but you think it’s weird if they don’t use it today.

At this stage I was really confused I really had not contemplated quitting Facebook, I did not realize it could be that hard, but Renai had made some really good points and I was in a quandary and then this post.


New Blog Post “Why I’m NOT deleting Facebook”

This post Not deleting Facebook was from another friend that I follow on Twitter but also on Facebook and I suppose it was the one that sealed it for me. He pointed out that despite all the problems that Facebook might have it is up to us the user to decide and that he was happy to deal with it and was not quitting Facebook.

I am not quitting Facebook either, well not today anyway, I enjoy knowing that I have an auto updating contact book that allows me to peer in to the daily lives of my family & friends and to share my life with them. I am aware that I need to be careful with what I share.  I am aware that the internet is forever.

But I am also aware that five years is a long time in the history of the internet and that in five years time we might all be asking

What ever happened to Facebook ?

PS: the wrap up I lost 3 friends to quit Facebook Day or 4% of my friends

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  1. July 9, 2010 7:38 pm

    Good information…

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