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What the internet means to me

May 27, 2010

I spend an awful lot of time on the internet, I pretend that I love it and I kinda do, but it’s the free flow of information that has me hooked, not the platform.  I look back to the days of my youth and am amazed at how ignorant I was. But was I really that ignorant or was it that the information that I had available to me was either hard to find, or totally inaccessible,  so in other words not that readily available to me.  I did the best with what I had after all it’s not like I could just type my request of knowledge into a huge database and the answers would instantly appear in front of me

It’s funny how this love hate relationship started but over 25 years ago as a student studying accountancy I was introduced to computers that did some thing useful for me the user apart from broadcast to the world that I was geek.

(to be continued)

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