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What will happen to all your digital photos when you die

April 9, 2010

Do you own a digital camera ? I suspect that you do, after all your on the internet and must be a little tech savvy, not that you have to be to be part of this transformation of photography. I brought my first digital camera almost eight years ago a stunning 1.3 amegapixcel camera from Canon and it changed my world.

I would say that I have thousands if not hundred of thousands of photos saved on my hard drive that document my life, that of my friends and family and the places that I have been.  The first camera that I actually owned was a digital one so it was the beginning of an ongoing odyssey that I am sure I am no alone in sharing.

There will 40 million digital camera’s sold is the USA alone this year so I would suspect that penetration is almost complete, but what of all the images that these camera will take and the ones taken before all sitting on peoples hard drives what will happen to then.

These pictures in their entirety paint an almost complete picture of humanity and of the planet earth and in some case beyond, but all but most all of them are in the hands of private individuals stored on hard drives and computers, cd’s dvd’s memory sticks. What will happen to yours when you die, what will happen to everyone’s when they die.

I don’t know, but what a waste it will be for humanity to waste the greatest capture of modern history because no one has thought this out

Please leave me a comment of what you think will happen to yours.

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  1. April 9, 2010 1:04 pm

    I’ve thought of this myself. I am perhaps the last of my line and I not only hold my more recent digital photos, but photos, slides, video, super 8 too… a huge pile of family history. dating back as far as the 20s (or further). What becomes of it when I die? I imagine that most of it will end up in landfill, that’s a terrible shame.


  2. April 9, 2010 1:30 pm

    It a tricky one and thus the reason for the blog post. I had an idea but I can’t seeing it getting of the ground as yet.

    Imagine the history that abounds that all could just fade away, disposable society that we live in.


  1. In a disposable culture,history suffers « @ Now

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